Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One Players will Get Free Xbox Series X version

Cyberpunk 2077 is most anticipated title of 2020. Though the Games has not released yet, Microsoft made an official announcement for Xbox players with an amazing offer. Microsoft announced about the cross-buy feature for their upcoming console lately which also include the most popular titles from the developers of Witcher ‘Cyberpunk 2077.’

According to the twitter post which reads “Gamers should never be forced to purchase the same game twice or pay for upgrades, Owners of #Cyberpunk2077 for Xbox One will receive the Xbox Series X upgrade for free when available.” This means Players won’t have to buy another game for Xbox Series X if they already have Xbox One Game. You can have a free version for Microsoft’s upcoming Next-Gen Console.

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CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077 will also support ‘Smart Delivery’. i.e backward compatibility of late Microsoft’s consoles. This is very good news for players.

“This technology empowers you to buy a game once and know that — whether you are playing it on Xbox One or Xbox Series X — you are getting the right version of that game on whatever Xbox you’re playing on,” announced Microsoft.

Developers of Cyberpunk 2077 are taking an advantage of this technology to increase their sale. The release Date of game was set to launch on April 17,2020 which was delayed later by developers. The game is now scheduled to launch on September 17, 2020 on all the platforms including Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia.

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