Deepening Fire Free Download PC

⦁ Exploring possibilities: find hidden levels, equipment and firebrands.

⦁ Firebrands system: we attach importance to blocking. Perfect blocking brings big profits. ⦁ Practice makes perfect.

⦁ Character customization: lots of gear to choose from. Many ways you can try walking.

⦁ Fragmented narrative: the storyline will gradually develop as you progress.

⦁ Different ending: to unravel a good plot.

⦁ Well designed maps: with traps and horror environment.

⦁ Challenging bosses: original double boss, numerous aggroes.

††† Precise blocking and beautiful reflection †††

Perceive the purity of souls, observe the enemy’s movements, catch the bug and perform accurate blocking, use the power of strikes to weaken the enemy and completely defeat them with fire weapons.

††† Various weapons and customized skins †††

Broad sword, great axe, spear and staff, choose your most skilled weapon, activate various fire weapons, pick up magical weapons and develop the most suitable tactics to brave the darkness.

††† Hardcore action †††

Whether it’s a fierce battle for power or a flexible and fluid magic deduction, each BOSS fight has its own characteristics, not only a wonderful extreme combo, but also a crack counter-kill that sees moves.

††† Break the mechanism and explore the scene †††

Non-linear process, hidden levels, destroy monsters, solve puzzles, but the next step can be a death trap. The treasure in the deep is waiting for you to open up. You are the brave one, not only in strength but also in wisdom.

††† Secret Epic and Gaining Daylight †††

Homes are broken, kingdoms wither, and revived soldiers search for everything in ruins. Everything changed.

Mad King Gehrlann: Monsters roam the ancient battlefield;

Brave Blessed Knight: The man-eating tree is surrounded by mosquitoes and flies;

Skilled Ancient Defender: The Immortal Skeleton Weeps.


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