Demon Blade: A New Combat Game for iOS Out Now

Demon Blade is a battle-action RPG mobile game where players control Samurai Warriors called Demon Slayers.We have to battle through Evil creatures running rampart in dark and put an end to chaos.

Players have access to lot of equipment including swords,armors and katanas,for their team. As we progress difficulty level raises,with new characters and enemy.The story line and sounds are decent with minor RPG elements in-game which makes it catchy and interesting to play.

Players have time their attack properly to defeat an enemy in 1v1 battle.Combat is intuitive and easy to learn.Along with that ,we also have special moves and abilities of characters.

Demon Blade graphics looks appealing with good weapon and smooth combat game play. Game components such as raid bosses that require multiple players to defeat. PvP is available as well for those who want to get competitive.

Demon Blade has already made to Android platform back in 2019.Now its available in apple store as well.

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