Devil’s Eyes :New Zombie Survival/Shooter Game for iOS

Devil’s Eye is an upcoming zombie game developed by Fun Cool Games.The game is scheduled to release on iOS App store on January 18.If you’re big a fan of Zombie Shooting & Survival Game,its available for pre-order on iOS devices. But,there is no official word about its android release.Check the Game trailer below:

Game is set in the year 2025 when a solar flare has destroyed the power grids across the planet that results in escape of test subjects from nearby laboratory-Zombies. As humankind strive to rebuild after the disaster ,the protagonist Lauren -a strong woman character fight against these zombies and decides to put an end to ruckus cause by them.

Devil’s eyes includes all the elements from zombie survival/shooter game making it more interesting to play.Players have bundle of options for weapons,ammunition ,medicines and few upgrade able items as well.

As we progress further in game challenges get difficult where we have to fight against the bosses with variety of weapons from pistols,snipers to assault rifles.Its a free-to-play title in iOS devices.So,I would suggest you guys to do check it asap.Well,I am going to try it on my own and let you know.

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