Don’t Miss On GTA Chinatown Wars | Android Games 2020

Grand Theft Auto is the most popular video game franchise all over the world. Whether it’s, gameplay, storyline, action or plot, this open-world genre has everything to offer what a player needs. 

The mobile gaming progressed a lot in these years and many major titles made to Android devices. Grand Theft Auto series is one among them. Grand Theft Auto has an enormous fanbase, and the franchise has already made its move on to mobile versions. Since then many games like GTA released on Android devices. 

Considering the popularity of GTA titles on Android, GTA Chinatown War has an intriguing storyline. The game revolves around Huang Lee, the main protagonist of the game. It follows some elements of narcotics business mini-game which make it much inter esting to play. You’ve to complete missions, drive and kill enemies to keep progressing. 

GTA Chinatown War Download

GTA Chinatown War requires almost 1GB of space for installation on your android device. Chinatown War is available on Google Playstore to download and enjoy.

How To Install the Game

1) Visit Google Play Store on your device and search for “GTA Chinatown War “

2) Tap on “Purchase” and complete the payment process.

3) Once you are done with the payment, click “Install” and download the game.

Also, download the official game from the story if you want to enjoy it without any interruption. Do not go for third party websites for APK and OBB file, the illegal files may corrupt your device 

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