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Rockstar game’s Grand Theft Auto V is best-selling game in the series. When it comes to mod GTA community never fails to disappoint us, there are hundreds of mods available on internet for GTA V. From graphic enhancement to additional vehicles and characters, mods makes the game play more interesting. GTA V mods have taken the visual and realism on the next level with recent updates and feature frequently.  Ever wonder about playing GTA V all dressed up in ‘Deadpool’, the mod looks amazing with intensified visuals, lighting and some superheroic elements in the game.

Deadpool MOD

Steps to Install Mods:

1) Download Deadpool MOD Mod from below.

2) Once you have the file saved – extract its contents into a new folder

3) Drag the files (.dll and fov) into the GTA V root file folder looks like

C:\program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V.

4) Boot Your Game and you’re ready to go.


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Download OPEN IV

Download Deadpool Mod

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