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GTA V is one of the best open world games. It was launched on 17 september 2013 and still has millions of players login daily to play this amazing game. Rockstar Games might be working on the next sequel i.e GTA 6 and we might be able to play it by 2021. But as we all know Grand Theft Auto series was avaiable to play on mobile phones as well. We used to play GTA San Andreas on Mobile, Also the GTA Vice City on Mobile. But from GTA IV, Rockstar Games droped the Mobile development and focused on the PC and Console development. And as fans of the mobile gaming alot of mobile gamers were disappointed. But the problem is fixed, A Indie game developer from India named Rahul aka R-user Games, has created a fan made version of the GTA 5. Currently it only has the prologue mission, but in future we might be able to see more missions to play on our android phone. How to download GTA 5 mobile Easily.

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Gta v mobile download

So if you guys want to download gta 5 on your mobile. Just tap on the download button and install the file. Also make sure you show some support to R User Games as he is doing a really great job. The least you can do is subscribe to his channel for future progress regarding the GTA 5 Mobile.

gta 5 download for android
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GTA 5 Mobile

Watch the video below and follow steps to download GTA V :

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125 Replies to “Download GTA 5 Mobile (100% working) – Android”

          1. Please teach me how to download and install GTA v I have been finding this game for over three years now plllllease

        1. ok first it to install the apk
          after you install the apk press the zip file and choose
          extract here after you finish
          extract tap and hold the
          obb file and choose copy
          the obb file to android sdcard obbb

    1. Aap zarchiver download karlo aur zip file ko extract karo. Phir vo extract folder part click karo aur usme jo file hai ussey copy kar ke android /obb/ gta 5 wali folder me copy karo aur game start how jaega

      1. I can only download the obb file but I can’t seem to find the APK. How do I download the apk

  1. My game doesn’t play instead it loads slowly and leave the on 100% . I’m worried because since i downloaded it never played. So what can i do?

  2. Hey guys, well I’ve downloaded the game and unzipped the file and when I put the game it shows everything and when loading it reaches 100% and automatically exit ,what can I do to fit the problem

  3. I can only download the obb file but I can’t seem to find the APK. How do I download the apk

  4. pls be real with us if we can get the main zip file
    i think it will be great if i have it cos i can get it anywhere

  5. I can only Download the obb file but I
    can’t seem to find APK . How do I download the APK

  6. कहीं बड़ा वाला तालाब देखो और नहा कर आओ बाद में देखो स्टार्ट हो जाएगा

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