Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Releases this Friday (17 January,2020)

The wait is finally over for DragonBall Z fans ..

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s,Dragon Ball Z:Kakarot is an action adventure RPG game set to release on January 17 i.e tomorrow.The game is adapted from Dragon Ball Ball Z anime series (most loved anime of all time).

Dragon Ball Z:Kakarot is set in a semi-open world environment with some extra new features introduced in this installment.The game have been upgraded in various fields, a revamped fighting mechanics and new RPG progression systems are added with many elements in-game.Check the Game Trailer below :

Players are put in the shoes of protagonist Goku, where storyline follows the plot of Dragon Ball Z anime series.Its a semi-open world game divided into individual stages that will be unlocked after completing challenges and defeating the opponents.Game also features our other favorite playable characters like Gohan, Piccollo, Vegeta,Future Trunks, Vegito & Gotenks etc.

The game is estimated to have 30 hour of gameplay only story (excluding side quests) also have side quest which need not to be completed.

Dragon Ball Z:Kakarot will launch exclusively on PS4, X1, and PC tomorrow.

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