Entity gaming takes home the PMCO South Asia 2019 Cup.

PMCO 2019 PUBG Mobile has ended and Entity gaming top the scoreboard after the final match.Entity gaming takes home the South Asia 2019 Cup.Team Soul secures the #2 position being a formidable opponent for Entity Gaming.

ETG Brawlers was on Top From Day 1 pushing the Soul and Entity gaming behind,but both climb back to the top on score table claiming themselves one of best team in INDIA.Entity gaming final point was 220 with 3 chicken dinner and 92 kills followed by Soul.

Team Soul scored 210 points with zero chicken dinner and 93 kills.Both the teams will be representing India Now. Mortal played a significant role to take his team to the position they deserved.

Final Standings

Team SynerGE, INS, and IND stands on 3rd,4th and 5th respectively. Fnatic didn’t make it Top 5 and will be eliminated from tournament.PMCO was full of rough and tough battles between top teams,lots of kills,squad wash etc

Entity Gaming take home the prize money of $60,000 foloowed by Team Soul with $30,000 prize Money.

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