Everything about New Pubg Mobile Weapon – M1014

Pubg mobile season 14 has met the Expectations and players are already anticipating upcoming season 15. Recently, Pubg Mobile season 15 leaks surfaced on internet that includes new classic map Erangel remastered, cheer park 2.0 and various new features. The leakers also unveiled an upcoming new pubg mobile weapon M1014.

Pubg Mobile already received a lot more new features and in-game update this season. And, Season 15 also promises another major update for Pubg mobile. Season 14 saw two new weapons, new exclusive map and new vehicle (monster truck). Likewise, Season 15 may receive a new PUBG Mobile weapon.

This upcoming new weapon is not an AR, SMG or Sniper rifle – it’s a shotgun. Yeah, developers are planning to add new shotgun in next PUBG Mobile upcoming update.

New M1014 is basically a Semi-Automatic Shotgun (origin Italy) . M1014 fires usual 12 Gauge Ammo and are spawned randomly on map. New semiautomatic shotgun comes with double muzzle and works like DBS ( rare air drop weapon- shotgun).

M1014 can fire double shot at once and deals a great damage to an enemy. The range of this shotgun is 50 meters and proves lethal and destructive in close range combat.

However, Pubg mobile haven’t revealed any official news about the weapon. The weapon is available for players in Beta version, and hence is highly anticipated in next Season 15 update.

Are you enjoying Pubg Mobile Season 14?

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