Everything About Scopes & types in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India has become a phenomenon with millions of fanbase and active players participating every day. Gameplay, Graphics, and Weapons in BGMI are the primary reason, the game has so many players in the country. 

This battle royale offers various weapons in-game including snipers, Assault rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Furthermore, it also features several sights and scopes to make the best use of these weapons. Many players might be familiar with scopes and their types in BGMI. BGMI offers a different range of scopes from holographic to 8x. We will be looking at everything about scopes in BGMI, and will also find out which is the best scope in-game.

All BGMI Scopes

Battlegrounds Mobile India has a variety of scope for a different range of combats. When it comes to battle, Scope is the very dependable item in PUBG Mobile

Red Dot

  • Talking about close combat, there’s no better scope other than a red dot. The red dot can be used effectively to spray and tap bullets in close-range combats. Also, tip, the red dot shouldn’t be attached to shotgun or pistols.

Holographic sight

  • As I said earlier, the red dot takes the crown of best scope in close combat. Even when compared to Holographic sight, the red dot offers a better view because of the thin frame. A single point in the middle provides us with the aimed accuracy which is much needed during combats.
  • Though Red dot is preferred more over holographic. Many players choose Holo sight scope over red dot. So, lastly, it also depends on one’s choice.

6x scope

  • If we dive into the pro gameplay course, 6x scope is the most used/preferred for bullet spray in mid-range and long-range combats. The adjustable elements of the 6x scope improve accuracy providing the benefits of magnification like 3x,4x, 5x until 6x.
  • 6x scope is also better than 8x scope which can only be attached to sniper rifles. Whereas, 6x scope is more versatile and easier to use.

8x scope

  • 8x is the rarest scope in BGMI. Snipers and DMRs can make the best use of 8x in-game.

3x scope

  • 3x scope is another popular scope other than 6x. It’s great for mid-range combat.

4x scope

  • Similarly, 4x scope is also used for mid-range combat, mostly in DMRs like Mini14, SLR, SKS, and others.

Which is the best scope in BGMI

Comparatively, 6x is the best scope in BGMI with more versatility, more field coverage, and ease to use.

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