Fortnite Becomes the Highest Earning Game this year as well

Fortnite continues to make record this year as well by becoming the highest earning game of the year 2019.As per reports from statistics firm and market analyst SuperData Fortnite is the most profit earning game of Industry.

Free-to-play games earned more profits as compared to pay-to-play games. Epic Games famous battle-royale game – Fortnite netted over $64.4 billion in 2019 on mobile,followed by PC $29.6 billion and consoles with $15.4 billion.Turns out the game earned more through mobile than PC and consoles combined.

Fortnite tops the chart of Most earning game of 2019 this year too, followed by other known games like League of legends,FIFA 19 etc.

According to reports ,revealed by SuperData 74% of revenue is earned by mobile and rest 24 % by PC and Consoles combined last year.Mobile Gaming have took the gaming industry to another level and keeps growing.

The gaming Industry earned overall 12,000 crores USD last year where mobile gaming stands on top with half of revenue i.e 6440 crores USD,PC games with 2960 Crores USD,console games with 1540 Crores USD and VR games,video gaming content with 650 Crores each.The bars will rise more higher this year,prediction from Superdata says.

Do you guys have any predictions which game is gong to make it on top in 2020?

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