Fortnite New 11.40 Update Patch Notes

Epic Games are now back with new Fortnite Chapter 2 11.40 update.They shut down their servers for a short period of time on 15th January.Its the first major update of Fortnite Battle Royale in 2020.Game was unplayable during the maintenance break.But,its a sigh of relief for fans as server went down only for a short period.The update went live on all the platforms like PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

This is a major update of 2020 and consist of plenty of bug fixes,Heavy Assault Rifle & Sidegrading. Other update may include Overtime Challenge tracking bus stops & Star Wars Legacy entries functioning correctly.

With the new major update Epic games are back with new system for upgrading weapons and the return of the Heavy Assault Rifle.The leaks were already in the air about the Heavy Assault Rifle before the update.The Heavy Assault Rifle deals 46 damage when a bullet connects with an opponent, and holds 26 shots in each magazine, allowing you to wipe out your opponents fairly easily as long as you hit your shots.The gun is finally back after disappearing for a short period of time

Sidegrading is another exciting update in game.It allows players to trade their weapons.Players who visit a Workbench while holding a regular Assault Rifle will be offered the chance to exchange it for the Heavy version of the weapon, in exchange for a few materials.But this system only work with a heavy assault rife now.We may get to use it with all weapons in further updates.

Few minor bug fixes were also made in game. Stay tuned for more upcoming updates.

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