Fortnite New Update -Players Can Use Helicopter Now!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season2 rolled out recently with many more new features and updates with minor bug fixes. Developers are providing frequent new updates so players can fully enjoy the game.

In a recent epic tweet the new update resolve the server issue face my many nowadays. Another big update added in the game is a new aerial vehicle -Chopper.

Chopper is a new vehicle available across the islands on helipads. Players can get their hands easily on it. Chopper carries 5 players at a time, including a driver along with 4 teammates. Check the new update trailer below:

Many changes have been made in a map -Pleasant park is turned into a helipad now. Along with this new challenges are added in game and introduce a new mode called Operation: Dropzone. Unique to this mode is a Tech system that allows you to unlock weapons, items, and special abilities as you play matches.

Chapter 2 Season 2 portrays a new spy theme, where players are free to choose between Ghost and shadow factions and will be rewarded depending upon choices. Season 2 Chapter 2 have lots of bug fixes.

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