Fortnite Puts in the picture about New Skins in Chapter 2

Go get your cool new skins now!!

Fortnite brings us some flashy new outfits for Season 11.The game being stuck for almost 2 days putting audiences in a mystery black hole, players are too excited to get back into game unlock and try some amazing new Chapter 2 skins.
As usual players got detail about the new skins through leaked sources just before the game went online.But now we have a clear idea of the available skin and one we have to purchase on the item shop and unlock throughout the game-play. Before we continue further and talk about it lets have a look at Fortnite New Chapter 2 skins.

All the images above are the new skins from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1(season 11).
You can avail the above outfits in the new Battle Pass.

As we all know our gameplay and skills got nothing to do with this fancy skins its only for a show.We have to keep playing and unlock more variants of this skins achieving the higher level and progress further completing the tasks.

Thats all for today I’ll be updating you with more info about the skins once i play and unlock it. Go get your gears ON…

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