Fortnite Season 11 Hurls back with Chapter 2

Epic Games battle royal Fortnite now hurls back with amazing new upgrade after the game being pulled offline for nearly 48 hours upsetting many players.
Yes you heard me loud and clear Fortnite has a great come back with Chapter 2 having new maps, visuals,lots of greenery and high interface with some minor changes how game can be palyed.
It was like a silence before the storm as it dominated the Twitter,Twitch & YouTube completely with its new update last weekend.

Chapter 2 brings us a whole new map with 13 different locations to explore. Fortnite impressively had a great comeback with new gameplay features, transport like boats and pogo sticks,players have swimming ability & new fishing objectives .
Weapons such as semi-automatic pistol, rocket launcher has introduced in this new chapter.New places to hide now – ducking in haystacks or dumpsters.

This also includes new characters to support your squad, incredible healing powers (bandage bazooka for healing a injured teammate), the ability to carry teammates if a member of your team falls in battle.There are also new multiplayer emotes,celebration moves such as high fives that let you dance with friends.

Changes made in Season 11 Chapter 2

  • You can upgrade weapons for materials at workbenches.
  • The fishing pole can pull other players towards you.
  • Players can queue into another game without returning to the lobby.
  • We can swim like a pro swimmer.
  • You can also carry knocked enemies(not just allies) & toss them off cliffs.
  • Buried treasure on the beaches in Sweaty Sands.
  • You can find Homer Simpson Easter egg at Steamy Stacks.
  • A tab which tracks & keep stats of your Fortnite career.

Social Interactions:-

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins tweet about Chapter 2.
players are happy by its comeback .

Have you played the new Fortnite season 11 yet ???.. Do let us know in the comment section below. For more updates about Fortnite click here.

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