Fortnite Update 11.10 Fortnitemare,Nightmarish Outfits

Fortnite 11.10 patch notes have been revealed by Epic games now.

Epic game’s battle royal Fortnite is back with new event Fortnitemare this Halloween for PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS & Android. Epic game mentioned the list of updates in Fortnite 11.10 on its official website.

Fortnitemare have some incredible weapons,items and nightmarish outfits in this event.

A new Fortnitemare challenge Storm King LTM. You have to team up with your sqaud and defeat the storm king in Storm King LTM thereby protecting the island.”(Your courage and skill will be rewarded with a special Umbrella)” reported by epic game.

As mentioned, various scary outfits ,skins and items are available in item shop.

Confront your fears in combine.

  • The management at Kevolution Energy brought back The Combine to determine which employees are worth keeping. 
  • However, The Combine isn’t the same as it was before — an ancient evil has given it a nightmarish feel. Jump in to compete for the fastest time on the leaderboard!

Don’t let the name game throw off your party’s game.

  • Partying up with Friends is much easier when you can find them.
  • No matter what your Friends’ Account name is or how often they change it, you can now assign them a Nickname of your choice!
  • Nicknames you set are only visible to you.

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