Free Fire Guide: Sniper Recoil Control Tips

When it comes to mobile Battle-royale games, recoil control is the most difficult task. Free Fire is one of the popular BR games, where weapon control is an important skill for players. While playing such game recoil control is very essential for accurate and precise aim. As we know, a mobile touchscreen is way more sensitive than the Keyboard & mouse. Hence, recoil control of weapons is an important skill to learn. 

While talking about recoil, snipers in Free Fire too need good control. Snipers is the most lethal weapon in-game that require good amount of skill to use it effectively. Today, we’ll see How to control sniper recoil in Free Fire.

How To Control Sniper Recoil

1) Use Proper Attachments

Proper Weapon attachments significantly reduce the recoil of a weapon making it easier for players to shoot down an enemy. Let’s learn about the sniper and its attachment in Free Fire, Foregrip and Stock offer a certain amount of recoil reduction in Free Fire.

Foregrip – It offers a great recoil reduction in Free Fire. There are 3 levels of foregrip, You can equip it with all sniper except Kar98k and M82b.

Stock  It reduces recoil and improves movement speed when equipped with a weapon. It is equippable on the SVD, SKS and Woodpecker.

Muzzle  Muzzle increases the effective range of weapon in Free Fire. There are also 3 levels for this item and can be equipped on all sniper rifles except the M82B.

2) Crouch or Prone

Crouch and prone while sniping is the very known and used technique in BR games to reduce the recoil. You can use this in Free Fire to control the recoil as well as increase the stability of sniper while firing. Crouch/prone fire also gives you an advantage over enemies, you might surprise them and dodge a few bullets during combat.

3) Characters’ ability

Free Fire also has few characters that can assist you in recoil control of Free Fire. Dasha is the latest addition to characters in Free Fire who offers great recoil reduction and buildup recoil over time. It is recommended to choose her when suing weapons with heavy recoils like sniper rifles or AK.

Another character, who can help to increase the stability of your weapon, thereby also contributing to recoil reduction is Laura’s ability.

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