Free Fire: How To Change Control Settings

Free Fire is also a popular game alongside Player Unknown Battleground. This is an online third-person shooting game highly influenced from PUBG Mobile. The gameplay and concept everything is same as PUBG Mobile.

Players join a group of up to 50 and battle to the death on an enormous island full of weapons and vehicles. Only one player will make it off of this island alive and victor. The game lasts hardly for 15 minutes. Free fire offers an incredible gameplay experience with less memory space on your devices.

This fast-paced battle royale game has amazing features and large fan base. The game features a unique character system where players can choose different abilities to create their character. 

Free Fire has also become a great platform with number of Esports tournament whihc allows players and teams to showcase their skills and talent in-game.

In this article, we’ll lok at How To Change your Control Settings in Free Fire.

How To Change your Control Settings

1) To change your settings, click on Setting option at Top right corner of yor screen

2) Various Category appear including basic sensitivity, controls, auto pickup, sound and many others.

3) Click on thhe Controls category to change the various section and customise it according to your gameplay style.

Do not copy senssitivity and other settings of professional players instead have your own personal game setting for better gameplay output. Try all the elements and customize your controls accordingly. Also, do not worrry about messing up the controls as you can reset back to default settings.

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