Free Fire Leaks: One Punch Man Costumes emotes leaked

Free Fire collaboration leak with one of the most popular anime One punch man surfaced on the Internet few days before. The leaks suggested some few content about upcoming features related to One punch man.

Free Fire is collaborating with many big names to deliver constant new content and new features keeping the players hooked on to Free Fire. The game recently collaborated with Football icon “Cristiano Ronaldo”, and is all set with their collaboration with popular anime franchise One Punch Man.

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This collaboration with One Punch bring some amazing content to the game, especially for anime fan. If you like One Punch Man, you’re definitely going to love this update in Free Fire.

Until now, we were only familiar about two upcoming one punch man emotes, but now the costumes have also been leaked on the Internet. let’s have a look at them.

One Punch Man

One Punch Man is the most popular anime and manga series which revolves around an invincible protagonist Saitama. He is so powerful that he can defeat anyone except himself in one hit. This anime series is power-packed full of action and comedy. 

Free Fire x One Punch Man Leaks

The costume leaks contain 3 outfits from One Punch man series. Check all of them below:

Saitama’s Hero Costume

Saitama’s hero costume is the one he wears in anime while fighting his enemies. the costume is plain combination of white and yellow color but still looks appealing. You will surely love it.

Saitama’s Pajama Costume

Saitama’s Pajama costume look is the funniest in anime . If you want something simple and funnier , this could be your meme costume in Free fire.

Genos’s Hero Costume

Genos is a Saitama’s disciple and demon cyborg in an anime series. His costume look cools with cyber elements like the torso, with two cyborg hands. This is an amazing outfit to try in free fire. check the pic below.

M4A1 Genos skin

M4A1 Genos skin is inspired by genos the demon cyborg. This skin have a futuristic tech looks and looks incrdible.

The collaboration is also expected to release two new emotes called “I’m Saitama!” and “Obliteration”.

Free Fire x One Punch Man collaboration might release in January 2021 update. Stay Tuned.

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