Free Fire Max Advance Server: How To Register ?

Free Fire MAX is an upgraded version of Free Fire by Gareena to deliver high-quality gaming experiences to mobile players. Free Fire MAX already announced, is under beta testing for various regions. It promises to deliver an immersive experience, maybe better than PUBG Mobile.

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Free Fire MAX is available in selected regions for beta testing. And, if you want to experience the max version of free fire, now might be the chance. Let’s see How To join Free Fire MAX Advance Server.

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Free Fire MAX Advance Server

Free Fire advance server allows users to try out and test out the features of the game before releasing an official version. The Advanced server is a testing server for registered users, to figure out the bugs and technical loopholes in-game.

The feedback from registered users plays a significant role to enhance the actual Free Fire game. You can also earn rewards by reporting each bug in-game. The process gives away about up to 3,000 Diamonds for glitches/bugs. Each major bug earns you 100 diamond.

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How To join Free Fire MAX Advance Server

Free Fire is a revamped version with better gameplay and graphics designed for high-end mobile devices. Currently, Free Fire MAX advance servers are only available in few regions like Bolivia, Brazil, Malaysia, and Vietnam Players who registered for game test will receive an email from Gareena to get the beta version of Free Fire MAX. You have to just follow the instructions in email to download and test the beta version.

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  • If you’re in a selected region, you can easily apply for advance server

  • Visit the Google play store to register for the Free Fire max advance server and Click on the “Become a tester” button.

If you do not reside in the above mentioned specific country, you can give VPN tools a try too.

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