Free Fire Pistols: Things to Know

Over the year, Free Fire has become one of the most popular BR game. It is an online third-person shooting game highly influenced by PUBG Mobile. The gameplay and concept everything is same as PUBG Mobile. Following the ban of PUBG Mobile, Free Fire has become the most played battle royale game in India.

Free fire managed to carve a niche in the battle-royale genre with fast-paced gameplay, graphics and new features. The title offers an arsenal of weapons in-game, each requires skill and practise to use it effectively. 

In this article, we’ll discuss of the most ignored weapon ‘Pistols’ in Free Fire. Even though pistol is left behind in classic modes, t can come handy in modes like Clash Squad/Gun King. Your ability to use pistol effectively can be a game-changer moment for a squad.

Desert Eagle

As we know, Desert eagle is the top class pistol. It is a powerful weapon in Free Fire. The damage rate of this pistol is higher than others, and have decent stats. Desert Eagle is the most recommended pistol in Free Fire. You can even sprint while holding it in your hand.

Hand Cannon

Hand Cannon is very much like a grenade launcher. This pistol shoots grenades and can be equipped as a secondary weapon. The only drawback of this weapon is a very short limited range of 10. You have to get close to an enemy to launch grenades.


M1873 also can be equipped as a secondary weapon. It is like a “pocket shotgun” that works like a normal shotgun. However, it has lower stats, but still can be helpful in many cases.

Treatment Gun

As the name says Treatment Gun, it can be used to heal your teammates after combat. Treatment Gun only works in duo and squad mode and you can’t heal yourself with this gun.


M500 is like a desert eagle with a pre-attached 2x scope on it. But, M500 has lower damage and stats as compared to Desert Eagle. It is not a preferred weapon in Free Fire, because of super-low accuracy of this pistol.

G18 and USP

G18 and USP gun possess the same features. The only difference is, G18 exchanges its reload speed for an increase in damage output. It also shoots much faster than the USP.

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