Free Fire: Tip & Tricks Survive in New Bermuda 2.0 Map

Free Fire has only a few maps in-game, and Bermuda is the most popular one. Daily millions of player compete on this map as compared to others. 

Free Fire released ‘Bermuda Remastered’, the revamped version of the Bermuda map, the first map of Garena Free Fire. Bermuda Remastered is live now on global servers since 1st January. So, you would need good tips and tricks to Survive Bermuda 2.0. Here are the 5 Helpful tips and tricks to survive Bermuda 2.0 in Free Fire.

Avoid Hotdrops

With the 4 new locations added in Bermuda 2.0, Avoid hot drops and land near the compact building or land at the edges of the map. Later, make your way to the centre from edges. Best way to survive is to drop at the moderate or safe locations and avoid combat during initial stages of the game. For example, Mill, Mars Electric and Shipyard is a good location to start the game.

Pick Good Weapons

Equip yourself with enough items like weapons, first aids and grenades before you rush into a fight. Long-range and Short-range weapon combo is often recommended to deal with obstacles during survival. It is the largest map in-game, so, you would need good weapons to keep moving forward.


If your main motive is to survive till the end, camping is a good choice for you. Once you’re done with proper loot, find a good spot from where you can keep an eye on enemies and their movement. You might get less kill but it is definitely a worth it for survival.

Wear green cosmetics

Gree cosmetics, because it is a good trick to fool or deceive your enemies. Wearing green cosmetics often turns out as a huge advantage in Free Fire. It will make it harder for enemies to spot your location and give you an upper hand.

Use vehicles to move

Once you have completed your loot, find the vehicle for you to move quickly from one point to another. Walking barefoot can expose you to enemies and you may end up as a crate soon. On the other hands, cars also provide protection during combats.

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