Free Fire Tips to Solve Lag Issues 2022

Free Fire is an online third-person shooting game that takes a lot of inspiration from PUBG Mobile. The gameplay and premise are identical to that of PUBG Mobile. Following the ban on PUBG Mobile, Free Fire has surpassed PUBG Mobile as India’s most popular battle royale game.

With fast-paced gameplay, aesthetics, and novel features, Free Fire managed to establish a niche in the battle-royale genre. It includes a fantastic gameplay experience, as well as extensive weaponry, maps, and locales in-game. Players join a group of up to 50 people and fight to the death on a massive island brimming with weapons and vehicles. Only one player will survive the trip to the other side of the island. 

Learn how you can solve lag problems in Free Fire.

Close all apps in the background

Other data-hungry apps can eat up bandwidth, preventing the game from using the required connection. Before you start playing Free Fire, ensure sure all of your apps are turned off.

Check Your Internet Connection Speed

Websites like Speedtest and Google speed test will help you check your Internet connection and speed. If your internet connection is always slow, it’s time to switch ISPs.

Wifi router upgrade

Upgrade your WiFi router to 5 GHz if the following option does not work. It performs significantly better than the standard 2.5GHz and could be the source of your high ping problem. Upgrade your router to see if it fixes your lag and ping issues. 

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