Get Rid of Campers in PUBG Mobile Using These Tips

PUBG Mobile battle royale is the most played mobile game. The main aim of the game is to survive amongst all, survival in the game requires skills, strategy and tactics- Camping is one of the most used tactics by many players in the game.

There’re various controversies regarding campers and difficulty face by active players in-game due to these campers. However, camping is one of the helpful tactics that received a lot of hate from PUBGM community. As campers usually take the credit without putting much effort into a game as compared to other players who are always on the move only to get hunted by campers.

Camper in Gaming

The ‘Camper’ term in gaming is used for the person who doesn’t put much effort or action in-game while other players are actively on the move. Campers choose their location wisely to take the advantages of situation and hunt down players surprisingly. It’s one of the game tactics preferred as well as opposed many of PUBG mobile players.

In this article, we’ve discussed some points to find and deal with these campers.

1) Keep a keen eye on details

When dealing with campers always be on guard and careful, keep a keen eye on all the details of your surroundings, buildings, doors etc. They often camp in buildings and compounds, when you enter the building pay attention to the doors whether it’s open or closed. An open door potentially signifies the presence of an opponent. Also, notice the direction that how the doors are opened – when players enter a building, the doors are opened inward, and vice versa.

The campers are much smarter than we think. Be attentive even when the doors are closed as there are several other ways to enter the building and they are careful enough to close the door to keep you off guard.

2) Take TPP and Use Throwables

Always take TPP at every angle before entering the room, make sure you don’t sense anything suspicious. One wrong step can lead you to lobby. Make Use of throwables like grenade, smoke and stun to scare your enemy the earphones plays a vital role here; the sound of gliding reloading every minor details matter. try to figure out their location before you rush in to kill them.

Dealing with campers is not a hard task but its not an easy task too. However, in the end, everything depends on your game sense and judgement. Don’t be hasty!

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