Get This FREE Game on Epic Store

Epic is back with new FREE title!

After a free giveaway of one of the major title ‘GTA 5’ in Gaming Industry ‘Epic Game Store’ announced another free giveaway. ‘Civilization VI’ is available free on the Epic Games Store until 11AM ET on May 28th. Players who grabs the game before 28 can keep it forever in their PC.

Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most successful game ever, attracted tons of PC gamers to Epic Games store. And, It’s only been a few days since GTA 5 crashed the Epic server because of high traffic.


To win 75 UC every day Follow these steps:

  1. Follow me on
  2. I am Live Everyday at 5:00 Pm. Just type your name in chats to enter in giveaway.
  3. Wait till end of stream to know if you won <3

You can come and say Hi and let me know you came from Website.(If I’m offline just follow me you will get notified when I’m live <3 )

Civilization VI is the latest installment in the series. Sid Meier’s turn based strategy games Civilization VI is the sixth installment in a series released in 2016. The primary aim of the title is to create your own civilization from start, explore the new world, develop your army to attack and defend. Dominate the entire world in every aspect like military, technology, etc.

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