Grand Theft Auto 5 FREE on Epic Game Store PC

This was unexpected!

Set in the city of Los Santos, Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most successful video game ever made. Nobody saw it coming GTA V finally FREE for every PC gamers on Epic Game Store. Epic is popularly known for free giveaways, but giving away such a big and popular title was unexpected.

It’s been 8 years since the release of GTA 5 and the game is still one of best among all. GTA 5 has created and broke a lot of records over the years.  This open-world action crime game offers you to explore the world of Los Santos.


To win 75 UC every day Follow these steps:

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  2. I am Live Everyday at 5:00 Pm. Just type your name in chats to enter in giveaway.
  3. Wait till end of stream to know if you won <3

You can come and say Hi and let me know you came from Website.(If I’m offline just follow me you will get notified when I’m live <3 )

EPIC announced the GTA V free giveaway recently on Twitter – says the game will be free to download forever from today 14th May -21st May. If you grab it before 21st May the game is all yours and I’m sure many of you haven’t played it yet and still waiting for such a moment. Be quick to grab it ASAP! The free giveaway includes premium addition that allows access to GTA online and other in-game content. So players can also access the official GTA V server  roleplay.

Being released in 2013, GTA V stands among Top premium PC and Console games of 2019.

To get GTA V on your PC visit Epic Games Store, Sign up there and Download GTA V for free on your PC.

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