Grand Theft Auto: 5 Most Difficult Missions Ever

Rockstar Games incredible open-world franchise GTA is most popular for its story and gameplay. Even though the game isn’t exactly known for its missions in the game, but there are times where you reach a mission that stumps you profusely and places you at an impasse.

Players often come across some challenging missions in the GTA series that not only requires just a skill but also need a bit of luck to complete them. These missions are extremely challenging, consume a huge amount of time and even frustrating.

Every game has some difficult missions that are hectic, but the GTA series have lots of it from cops chase, heist to RC mission that either make us quit the game or make us playing the same mission in a loop. Here are the 5 Most Difficult Mission in the GTA series.

5) Espresso 2-GO! : GTA III

Its a time-limit mission, we have 8 mins to destroy 9 coffee stores on map armed by gang members so we have to make sure we get safely. The timer doesn’t start until you destroy the first one so the key to clear this mission is to get familiar with the map and all locations of coffee store before you start destroying.

4) The Driver : GTA VC

One of the frustrating mission in GTA V that made us struggle a lot to complete it in back days. In this mission, you have to win a street race to beat a fat shack of turd named Hilary – who has a fast car better than the crappy car you’re driving, but problem here is that he can ram you off the road and 2 stars wanted level appears when cops shows up. This is far the most frustrated mission Grand Theft Auto Vice City has given us.

3) Wrong side of the Track : GTA SA

From GTA San Andreas this mission is the stupidest and annoying task where we have to chase a bunch of gang members riding a dirt bike with smoker. You all must have heard it ” all we have to do was follow the damn train CJ”. Its all luck and AI to clear this mission .

2) Supply lines : GTA SA

RC missions are terrible missions in GTA. Most of the players have find it difficult to clear such mission. You have to take out some rival delivery boys using the RC plane, shoot them down till you run out of fuel. Flying the plane is much harder when you try to avoid hitting buildings, lights or vehicles.

1) Demolition Man : GTA VC

This was the most annoying & hectic mission of GTA Vice City which kept us stuck in game for long time. We have to control RC helicopter to get through construction workers and guard planting the bomb. The worst part of mission is the time limit and health of RC Helicopters that gets targeted by workers there.

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