Grid 2019: Play for Free This Weekend On Steam

Grid 2019 is Gamecon 2019’s best racing game developed by Codegamers. The game is available on all platforms Windows, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia.

The tenth installment in TOCA series and fourth in Grid series is one of the best racing game released last year on October 2019.You can watch the trailer below:

The game play looks amazing with incredible graphics ,display and controls.The cars and visuals add spice to Grid 2019.Lots of new cars with a total of 70 is playable in game.

The details in Grid 2019 with AI makes the game-play amazing and interesting.The Nemesis System is One of the key mechanics in game, where AI drivers will become aggressive towards the player if they hit them too hard with.The 400 unique AI drivers with specific racing style increase the thrill of racing more in every match.

The Game is free to play on steam and also available for Download right now for this weekend.Go and grab it asappp!.Offer may valid till Monday.

Download from Steam :

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