GTA 5 Secrets | Kanye West Spotted

Rockstar’s sprawling open-world game Grand Theft Auto franchise is absolutely riddled with Easter eggs and exceptionally well-hidden secrets sometimes it takes years and years to be revealed. GTA V is not at all different. In fact, GTA 5 has tons of secrets that players have come across over the years. The game is packed with hidden locations, random encounters, and pop culture references that will simply amaze you.

GTA V is filled with unsolved mysteries, hidden secrets waiting to be found on the map of Los Santos. Doesn’t matter if you’re a casual gamer or hardcore GTA fan, have look at this list of Easter eggs you might be unaware of.

Breaking Bad RV

The fan favorite vehicle ‘Breaking Bad RV’ is one of the latest Easter eggs in GTA 5. It is actually called the Journey, a recreational vehicle in GTA V that completely look alike RV from BB. It is really fun to ride it on Los Santos road. However, the exact spawn location of RV is unknown. You can check the link here for bit of more info.

Alien in GTA 5

Frozen alien in Grand Theft Auto V can be found during the first mission of game. After Robbing the bank, Trevor and Michael escapes in SUV travelling down North Yankton snow-covered roads. The frozen alien is found near the sharp right turn before the bridge instead of making turn steer-off the road down to frozen river on right – there you can find an Alien encased in a frozen river which disappears after few seconds.

Kanye West

Sounds surprising but a NPC in GTA 5 resembles a famous American rapper “Kanye West”. However, it is difficult to spot this Kanye West look alike in-game, as he appears randomly at various locations in the city. Keep an eye, you might end up encountering him soon.

Mount Chilliad Mystery

Mount chiliad mystery in GTA V is the longest running mystery in GTA community.A large painted mystery map can be found on wall of Cable car station,map consist of unique symbols depicts some hidden objects.It is believed that solving the mystery would be rewarded by Jetpack.


GTA is the first game to feature UFOs in Game.However,first you must complete this game 100% to experience this Easter egg. UFOs can be found at three different locations: Beam Me Up, Fort Zancudo, and Mount Chiliad.

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