GTA 6 Leak: Voice Actor Leaks GTA VI Character

The third month of 2020 is near to an end and GTA fans have been anticipating official announcement from Rockstar about the next installment in GTA franchise. It’s been six year since the release of last GTA game, so fans are desperately waiting for any announcements and leaks.

A news just surfaced about the identity of new GTA 6 character on a leaked Voice actor’s Resume, shared by the one of Twitter account known for GTA VI leaks. There were many rumors and ounce of Intel about GTA 6, also discussed on various forums and reddit. Turns out it was all fake.

But, Fans now have something really big to hold on about GTA 6- Voice Actor Jorge Consejo, resume leaked the identity of new GTA VI character that lists the role of his recent films one which is titled as “The Mexican” in “Grand Theft Auto VI.” Check the Tweet below:

Yeah!!! it’s definitely the GTA 6 we are expecting for so long though there are no official announcement.

The leaks has attracted a lot of fans spamming in Jorge Consejo’s dms and comment. Jorge later shared an apology post on twitter writes “While I read every message from you” but “because of contract stipulations sometimes I’m unable to comment on certain projects.”

This tweet from Consejo is an enough hint for fans about GTA VI. So, GTA 6 is finally in its way even there’s no official news by Rockstar yet. We have a concrete evidence about the Game now.

Fans are still hoping about the official tease or news from Rockstar during the launch of Sony PlayStation’s and Xbox’s net-gen Console in Holiday 2020. We still have our eyes out there about any news or leaks confirmed on GTA VI. Stay Tuned with Technobrotherzz.

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