GTA 6 Leaks 2024-25 Release Date, Maps and More

GTA VI marks the longest wait for the next addition in the GTA franchise. It’s no surprise that fans have been eagerly waiting for the official confirmation about the title after eight years of GTA 5 release.

Rockstar Games GTA series is the most successful open-world video game in the industry. The next addition in the franchise, GTA VI is the most anticipated video game and the ultimate dream of GTA fans. Though Rockstar has been silent about it, GTA 6 has become the major topic of discussion on the Internet.

Several theories and leaks surrounding GTA 6 are out there. Many believe that the game will be based in Miami set as the 1970s, the map speculation on Modern VC and many other rumours. Tom Henderson is a famous leaker and a reliable source for GTA 6 leaks. He has a history, responsible for leaking accurate details of games like Call of Duty and Battlefield ahead of their release.

Tom shared valuable information regarding GTA 6 in his recent video. He accumulated all the details he has received about the game over the years. 

Before we begin to have a look, fans should keep in mind, this is just a rumour, and “take info like this with a bit of salt,” mentioned Tom.

 In the video, he pointed out many leaks about the much-awaited GTA title. 

 GTA 6 is most likely to release in 2024-2025.

Tom believe the new GTA release date will be in late 2023 or early 2024. It does make sense, considering the upcoming GTA game will make its appearance on the next-gen consoles and PCs. Rockstar Games might delay the release until the global chip crisis remains unsolved.

Also, GTA 6 might feature two new protagonists, a female playable character and an evolving map. Players can also expect the cryptocurrency as an in-game reward instead of cash.

The video points out several information like:

  1. Modern-day setting in Vice City
  2. Online component with Seasons and subsequent map evolution
  3. GTA 6 is most likely to release in 2024-2025
  4. Live in-game events
  5. Multiple protagonists and a playable female character
  6. GTA 6 early development
  7. Current-gen (PS5/Xbox Series X) and PC Only

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