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GTA 5 and GTA Online features a variety of weapons in-game. The collection includes some of the most powerful, expensive, cost-efficient weapons that offer a great advantage during a fight. Below are the 5 Explosive Guns in GTA Online.

5) Homing Launcher

We can say Homing Launcher is a must-have weapon in GTA Online. It is explosive, can knock ground and air threats, fires infrared, guided missiles and costs only $75,000. To use it effectively, you have to just lock down the target and shoot. You should get Homing Launcher and is also available at rank 1.

4) Railgun

Railgun is one of the powerful experimental weapons in GTA Online. The only drawback of Railgun is, you can use it only in few modes except for the Free mode, the most important one. Railgun is propelled by magnetism and shoots explosive bullets faster than sound. You can get this weapon for $250,000.

3) Minigun

The minigun is a powerful gun with an extremely high firing rate. The gun features 6 barrels that can hold 9999 magazines. Players can unlock the minigun after reaching rank 120 and completing the Paleto Score heist mission. You can buy it from GTA Online Ammu-Nation for $50,000.

2) Widowmaker

Widowmaker is one of the expensive as well as an explosive weapon in GTA Online designed completely for destruction. This futuristic weapon can shot down multiple enemies at a time. The gun fires plasma instead of ordinary bullets and said to have an alien origin. The Widowmaker can cause some serious damage, take down vehicles even helicopters. You can buy it from GTA Online Ammu-Nation for $449,000.

1) Orbital Cannon

Orbital Cannon is the most destructive gun and perhaps the most expensive weapon in all of GTA Online. The capability of an orbital cannon is unimaginable, you cannot avoid it even if you are three floors away. A single shot cause total destruction. For orbital cannon, players have to build a facility that costs $6 million and pay $900,000 for installation. Moreover, a manual shot of this cannon cost you around $500,000 and an automatic one cost $750,000.

This was our list of 5 Explosive Weapons in GTA Online. Which among these guns you have in GTA Online comment below.

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