GTA Online: Top 5 Underrated Weapons

GTA online features many dealy weapons in-game such as Hellbringer to Widowmaker and more. There are lots of weapons to choose from in GTA Online. While many powerful weapons have an advantage over others, few aren’t enough appreciated. This article presents the Top 5 GTA Online Underrated Weapons.

5) Assault Shotgun

Shotguns are often avoided by many players due to their scatter damage that can be easily avoided. But, Assault Shotgun in GTA Online is a bit different. It is deadly in terms of combat, all because of the incredibly high damage rate. Assault Shotgun do have that shotgun drawback but it is one of the most underrated weapons in GTA Online. You can clear the room with this devastating gun.

4) Sticky Bomb

A sticky Bomb is another powerful item that can cause chaos out of nowhere. This item is the easiest method to take down your enemies. You can use it as a trap and mine in GTA Online. Another trick is to use it as an alternative for the car bomb. Stick the bomb on the inside of the car door near the driver’s seat. The innovative way to chaos.

3) Compact Grenade Launcher

Compact Grenade Launcher is a powerful gun in the frame of a pistol. This terrific grenade launcher is underrated and extremely powerful in GTA Online. You can easily blow up your target while moving at high speed, especially on drive-bys and motorcycles. 

2) Double Barrel Shotgun

Double Barrel Shotgun is a wrecker when used precisely. A skilled player can squeeze the full potential of this weapon in GTA Online. However, it is not the best weapon for long-range but is a beast in close range.

1) Minigun

The minigun is definitely not an underrated weapon in GTA Online. but, it has been forgotten after the release of Widowmaker. Comparatively, both weapons have equal potential. Also, Widowmaker takes inspiration from Minigun. Hence, Minigun do deserves some appreciation in GTA Online.

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