GTA San Andreas Mobile – How To Use Cheats in Mobile

GTA released several popular titles on mobile version delivering the greatest open-world experience into smartphone devices. Rockstar Games’ GTA San Andreas is the most popular GTA Mobile game. Cheats are one of the reasons that make the game more enjoyable. In this article, we will discuss How To use cheats in GTA San Andreas Android.

GTA San Andreas Android provides hours and hours of gangs and fun on the Mobile platform. The game immerses you in the city and every little element of GTA San Andreas. Get in the shoes of CJ, navigate his way around, from gang wars in the neighbourhood to government conspiracies. Cheats are really helpful in GTA game and can save a lot of time and long work in-game. Let’s see How you can use cheats in GTA SA.

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How To Use Cheats in GTA SA Mobile

Playing GTA SA on PC is fun. Players can easily type cheats quickly to overcome the situations in-game. But, what about Android?

There are many applications available for Android devices you use cheats in the GTA SA game. These apps come with preinstalled cheats and allow you to use them in the game. Apps like JCheater, Cleo SA are the popular ones for Android.

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How To Type Cheats on GTA SA Android

Follow the steps below to types cheats on GTA San Andreas Mobile.

1) Connect the Keyboard to your mobile via USB or Bluetooth. Also, you can use virtual Keyboards like Touchpal, Swiftkey etc.

2) Before using Cheat codes. Ensure you save the game and make new file 

3) Now Pick any GTA SA mobile cheat codes you want to use. 

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4) Type the cheats in-game using a virtual or external keyboard. Here, you do not need to pause the game for entering cheats. Type it right away.

5) If the game accepts the input, you will be informed Cheat activated. Follow the steps again in case it did not work for the first time.

Some GTA San Andreas Mobile cheats

BIEUHQY: Weapon Set 4

BYIXZIY: Complete Current Mission

GONPXWR: Full Invincibility

XBOX_HELPER: Stats Changer

JQFUDUB: Show Targeting

YACKMWS: Skip 4 Hours Time

Enjoy GTA San Andreas Android on your device with cheats now.

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