GTA V Facts & Secrets that will Amaze you

Rockstar Games, GTA franchise offers the best AAA games industry has to offer in terms of value, content and quality. And, recent instalment in the GTA Universe, GTA V has become a cultural phenomenon from breaking sales records to become the fastest-selling entertainment item in history. Grand Theft Auto V has an enormous player base with a huge fan community around the globe.

It’s been 7 years since the release of Rockstar’s incredibly ambitious open-world action game. GTA V has some of the greatest mysteries, deepest secrets that you probably don’t know about. That’s why we dig some of the most shocking secrets and Facts about GTA V. Have a look below:

GTA voice actors are related

You must be surprised to know that GTA 5 voice actors are related actually. Shawn Fonteno, Franklin’s voice actor, is the real-life of Young Maylay, the voice actor of CJ Johnson, the main character in GTA: San Andreas.

Age differences

You all must be familiar with the age differences of Trevor Phillips and Franklin in the game. Trevor is at least 20 years older than Franklin in-game. And, in reality, Trevor’s voice actor Steven Ogg is actually 5 years younger than Franklin’s voice actor, Shawn Fonteno.

Michael’s voice actor is deaf 

Ned Luke, Michael’s voice and motion capture actor, is nearly deaf in his right ear. Notice, how Michael usually shift his body towards that person if someone is talking on his right side.

James Bond reference

JB700 in GTA 5 is a reference to the secret agent himself, James Bond. This vehicle is inspired by the Aston Martin DB5, a car driven by James Bond in many of his movies.

Red Dead Redemption Link

As we know GTA is not the only one franchise from Rockstar Games, but also Red Dead Redemption (2010). There’s a link to RDR in GTA V that indicates a very little crossover between the two franchises. 

Franklin’s Vinewood Hills house has a bookcase in the living room. Zoom in on the books and you’ll notice a familiar title “Red Dead,” a reference to Rockstar’s open-world Western game, Red Dead Redemption. The book is written by a J. Marston, which could be John Marston, Red Dead’s main character. Also, the author of the book is Jack Marston, John’s son who has a penchant for books and even plans to write one himself one day.

Character’s sleep time

GTA V has this unique element for each character’s sleep schedule. You can observe it by yourself through the time note, notice the amount of time passes by each character when you go to bed while saving the game. Michael sleeps for only 6 hours, Franklin sleeps for 8, and Trevor sleeps most for 12 hours.

A huge amount of people call in sick to get GTA V on the day of release

The launch of GTA 5 recorded an unusual event in the gaming world. As per reports, thousands of fans waited in a queue, 24 hours before its release. The game stores were open at midnight; while many took the entire day off work call in sick to get GTA V on the day of release.

According to a survey by IGN, a whopping 46% of gamers said that they had already planned to take the day of the game’s release, September 16th, 2013, off as annual leave. A surprising 19% of fans said that they would call in sick to work just to pick it up. And only 35% of the gamers surveyed said that they would be happy to wait to play the game. 

Most Expensive Video Game Ever

GTA V is not only the most popular video game to ever be made but also the Most Expensive Video Game ever. 

It took a total of $265 million to create GTA 5, of which $137 million is a cost to only create GTA V and the remaining $128 million to market the game. Grand Theft Auto was a huge success and made $1 billion in its first three days alone.

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