GTA Vice City like Games for 2GB Ram PC

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Our childhood favorite, Rockstar Game’s GTA VC has been around for years dominating on PC. GTA VC is the most beloved title in the gaming community that offers an immersive open-world experience to players around the globe. Vice City is a revolutionary title that received an outstanding critical review as well as a great response from players.

Let’s have a look at some best low-end PC games like GTA Vice City for 2GB Ram PC.

Just Cause

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 Just Cause is an action-adventure game which consist of elements like GTA. The game is a combination of movie and open-world game, that allows players to move freely and have their way. Just Cause features freedom of traversal, the destructible environment, and the vast open-world that altogether create the maelstrom of madness. This is a must-try PC game for a Vice City fan.

Mafia II

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Mafia II is an action-adventure game of 2010. The game set in the 99s follows the story of Sicilian-American mobster, war veteran Vito Scaletta who struggle against Mafia crime family in the city. Mafia II has amazing good graphics and can be played as a third-person perspective.

Far Cry 2

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The second main installment in the Far Cry series- Far Cry 2 is a first-person shooter from Ubisoft Montreal. The game released in 2008 mainly focuses on combat and exploration. Far Cry 2 has lots of weapons, action, missions and side quests like VC.

The Saboteur

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The Saboteur open world action-adventure Game published by Electronic Arts the game takes you to German occupied France era where you have live through horrible scenario of World War 2. The protagonist have to complete several missions in-game. Explore the open world game and complete task to keep progressing. The game has Epic storyline, stunning graphics and visuals.

Total Overdose

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Total overdose is a third person action adventure open world game with lots of missions weapons action etc. You habe to exore, complete missions and fight enemies to keep progressing. Total Overdose features a simple gameplay with good storyline. Vice city lovers will like this title for sure.

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