GwenBlade Free Download PC


The main character Jane works at GwenBlade, an organization that treats people with mental problems. This is done through a special device similar to a VR helmet, with which we enter a person’s consciousness. Each level is a personification of their soul, created from memories. Dizzying journeys with interesting platform tasks await you in these locations. One way or another, you will encounter naysayers who have stuck negative emotions in the patient. For example, the “Pressure” boss, who looks like a giant carcass that crushes you with his attacks, but with each hit you take, the pressure on him literally decreases until you crush him.


The game has both quest and platformer elements, but the main gameplay is still the battles. For each battle, you become stronger by gaining stat boosts, currency for pumping, as well as active abilities and passive power-ups – your jumps can set the enemy on fire or strike with lightning, or maybe you want to blow them up. overtaking? The choice is yours

Hack and slash enemies with the Treble Clef Sword and combine it with a powerful electric guitar that is shockingly good against bad thoughts!

Choose why you’re better than them with stats and characteristics to power you up!

Customize your abilities and make every attempt a unique experience!