Hackers Delayed PMCO Fall Split 2020

Considering the popularity of PUBG Mobile, hackers in the game are inevitable. With millions of player base, PUBG mobile bans large numbers of hackers in-game every day. However, the hackers are now not only limited to PUBG Mobile game but also has expanded their reach in tournaments. Due to the increase in numbers of hackers and chances of unfair advantages in-game, PUBG MObile Club open Fall SPlit 2020 has been delayed.

PUBG Mobile Club Open is one of major PUBGM Esports tournament. It is an Online Tournament by PUBG Mobile taking place twice annually a year. PMCO Fall Split was started on12th August and 32 teams would qualify for the semi-final stage. PMCO Fall Split 2020 is much bigger than compared to previous year tournaments. A large number of participants- eighty thousand teams, a massive prize pool of one million dollars and a lot of competitors.

This year PMCO Fall Split was held online due to COVID 19 and the chances of cheaters in the tournament are increased. During such conditions, it’s very difficult to verify if all the players are authentic.

Several accusations surfaced regarding hackers and cheater in fall PMCO. Therefore, PMCO India, PMCO Pakistan and PMCO South Asia have been postponed because of suspicious behaviour detected in few qualified teams. As per reports, 4 teams qualified for PMCO Fall SPlit have received a permanent ban. Also, PUBG Mobile ban around 531 teams for hacking allegedly in Online Qualifiers of PMCO Fall Split 2020.

The constant increase in Graph of hackers in PUBG Mobile Club Open championship has led to delay in Tournament.

Many PUBG Mobile Indian Players too appealed on social media regarding the news and enlightening the situation to official, fans and players. TSM Entity Ghatak Shared a story on Instagram, requesting officials to look into the matter.

In PMCO Pakistan, 3 teams were banned after the hacking detected in the middle of the tournament. The teams disqualified were – Team Xtreme, 47 esports, Team Ecstasyyy and Team Hellfire.

The officials may take their own time now to investigate the matter and upgrade the system before announcing the release date. Stay Tuned for more updates.

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