Half-Life: Alyx Releasing on this Monday – Preload it Now

Get ready with your VR headsets!

Half-Life: Alyx one of the most anticipated game of March 20202 is scheduled to release on Monday .i.e 23rd March. It’s Finally confirmed now and Valve has opened preload of Half-Life: Alyx on Steam.

Get your preload now if you have your VR headsets ready to avoid overload on Monday. The game size of Half-Life: Alyx is 48GB, but requires 67.3 GB of free space on your drive to install the game.

Valve are making every efforts to meet demands for VR headsets so players can enjoy the game ahead of its launch.

Half-Life Alyx is a virtual reality game. The game showcase the events between Half-life and Half-life 2. Alyx Vance and her father Eli are apparently mounting a secret resistance to the brutal alien race known as The Combine who are occupation of Earth. Half-Life Alyx share some elements and characters from Half-Life 2.

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