Hidden Release Date Battlegrounds Mobile India, All Clues Make sense

Battlegrounds Mobile India can release anytime soon in the next few days. Recently, a very interesting revelation surfaced on the Internet regarding the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Seems like developers were sending clues about it all along.

The Indian Specific PUBG mobile version has become the most anticipated mobile game in the country. The Release Date of the game is not official yet. But Indian fans are excitedly waiting for the announcement.

Even though Krafton has not shared any intel regarding the launch date of BMI. Indian PUBG Mobile Influencers dropped several hints on social media about the release date of the game. The excitement among fans is on top now.

This article presents all the revelations and clues that Krafton Inc. has been dropping since the Battlegrounds Mobile India announcement.

You all must be familiar with how active our Indian Gaming community is when it comes to PUBG Mobile. Not so soon, the title will roar back in the country again.

Ever since the announcement, developers have dropped the speculated official release date of the game. Recently, our brilliant PUBG Mobile fans have puzzled the pieces together that indicates the official release date.

1) Pre-registration Announcement

The very first clue that Krafton dropped, is on the pre-registration video featuring PUBG Pro players Dynamo, Kronton, Jonathan and Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi. Just when Arshad Warsi storms into the room with excitement, you can see a clue on the wooded furniture on the right side. One fan pointed out, that the digits on the wooden bar represent the release date as it reads 18.

Not only this but other speculations too hints at the hidden release date of BMI. Check below

2) Social Media post


The developers lately shared a post on social media which represents a PUBG pan wrapped in a yellow gift wrapper. At first glance, the picture looks quite normal. However, adjacent to the pan there’s a graph sheet with some numerals on it. A closer look reveals, the sums of the numbers read 18. Again, the speculated official release date of the game.

3) Influencers Hint

If the above two clues weren’t just enough to believe the theory. The hints dropped by Indian Pubg mobile influencers on social media connects all the dot. Personalities like Soul Mortal, Maxtern, Ghatak and others shared hints regarding the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

4) The Thinker

A character statue revealed by Krafton on social media post also hints at the release date. The statues resembles the popular sculpture by Auguste Rodin, The Thinker. Fact is, the height of statue is 6 ft (1.8m). Which also points at the launch date of BMI.

Well, all the above mentioned clues couldn’t be a mere coincidence. What do you think?

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