Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Confirmed for PS5

After the confirmation of next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Developers are working to release the title on next-gen console PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett. Few titles were already confirmed for PS and XBox Scarlett and rumrors of many games are still in air.PlayStation 5 and Xbox scarlet is set to release in 2020

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 was is development for quite a long time and is most probably confirm its entry in Next-Gen games through job listing for tachnical vegeterian artist by guerilla gaming. Horizon Zero Dawn 2  role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games.Horizon Zero Dawn tells the story of humanity far into the future, in a world where advanced machines roam the Earth and people are divided into primitive tribes. A young woman named Aloy yearns to learn more about the world and her discovery sets off a journey that is both the key to understanding humanity’s past and its possible future. Players are already craving for next-gen consoles and Horizon zero dawn 2 will be the finest gaming for next gen consoles.

Job listing by Guerilla gaming

Apart form Horizon dawn games like Gta 6, god of war 2,Watch dogs legion,rainbow six quantine,cyberpunk 2077 and etc.

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