How To Add Friends On GTA 5 Online: Step By Step Guide

GTA Online is the highly successful multiplayer part of one of the best games GTA V developed by Rockstar Games. The Online part of the game is best played with friends. Being a multiplayer game you will also meet new people from your server.

Although you can enjoy the game completely on their own, most of the players prefer playing it with their friends or for the social aspect. Here is the guide to know how to add friends for best experience.

First of all player needs an  authentic copy of GTA 5 to be able to play GTA Online. You can buy the game from Steam, Epic Games Store, or Rockstar Games Store. Follow the steps given below to add friends in GTA Online:

1. Register to Rockstar Games Social Club

This step is mandatory only for players who have not registered with the Rockstar Games Social Club .

  • Visit the Social Club Website.
  • Create a new account using Sign Up button.
  • Existing users can skip this step and just use Log In button.

2. Verify the Purchase

Players have bought the game from Steam/Epic Games need the Rockstar Games Launcher to play it. You will need to validate the purchase, the launcher will prompt to link your accounts.

3. Adding Friends to Social Club

Players can now add their friends to their Social Clubs account.

  • Press Home on your keyboard for the Social Club pop-up to appear.
  • Move to Social Club tab and choose select player option.
  • Type in your friends username and send a friend request to the user.

4. Inviting Friends to the game

  • Startup GTA Online
  • GO to My Friends and click Invite to the game.
  • You can also use join game to join your friends’ servers.

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