How To Build A Tree Farm In Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where you use various blocks to create your own 3D world with virtually infinite terrain. You can extract or gather resources, raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures according to you needing.

In the survival mode, players must acquire various  to build the world and maintain health in order to survive with each day. Wood is one of the most important items in Minecraft which can be obtained from trees.

However trees take a long time to grow, but tree farms are one way around this. Here’s a guide to help you grow tree farms.

Automatic Tree Farm

1 Dig a 5×5 block area pit and then put a stone brick in every corner of the pit.

2. Further you will need to build nine blocks up from earlier placed stone bricks. You will have to connect them with spruce logs. Connect those spruce logs with a short wall of planks.

3. Choose a side to get an entrance for your tree farm. Also destroy the logs placed adjacent to stairs. Further on you will have to replace with stone and connect them again with spruce logs.

4. On the new logs place stairs and then glass. Then place a stone block in the center of the empty roof. and spruce stairs around it.

5. On the inside part of the farm put a dirt block and place a spruce plank on one side of the dirt block. Place a redstone comparator and break the wall block behind the plank and put redstone in the empty space.

6. Go on the other side of dirt block and place an observer. Make sure its looking down on the redstone comparator.

7. Go inside and place another redstone comparator under the plank. Place two adjacent comparator on the opposite side. Go on to connect the comparators with redstone.

8. Place a redstone torch and a repeater. Later turn it on by placing redstone. With the help on observer it will start blinking. Then give it a spruce plank and lever.

9. Place a bone meal in the dispenser. Put a sapling in the dirt and turn on the lever. Viola there you have your tree farm.

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