How To Change Character in PUBG Mobile

Pubg Mobile has created a benchmark being the most popular and successful game on Android and iOS devices. Daily millions of players fight against each other on PUBG Mobile battleground for chicken dinner. The impact of PUBG mobiles keeps increasing day by day.

Tencent’s frequent update to make the game more interesting and enjoyable. The characters in PUBG mobile are one of the significant aspects that attract players. There is various characters option available in Game. 

When we start a game we get to choose our character gender, appearance with different colour skins, hairstyles, and faces. However, many players don’t know how to change their character and appearances later. In this article, we’ll talk about How to change character in PUBG Mobile.

How To Change Character in PUBG Mobile

To change a character in PUBG Mobiel requires 3000 Bp ({PUBG Mobile coins). It’s an easy and short process.

1)Run PUBG Mobile on your device, enter the main lobby.

2)Open the Inventory Tab present at bottom of your screen

3)A section opens, you can find an appearance option at the left-hand side of screen-> Click on appearance icon.

4) Choose a new appearance. and Tap OK to purchase it. The different genre requires a different amount of BP. Check the list below:

  • Gender: 1000 BP
  • Face: 1000 BP
  • Hair: 500 BP
  • Hair Color: 500 BP

PUBG Mobiel also has an exclusive set of characters. Every Character has its own advantages and unique abilities. All the characters are expert in their own categories and you need to pay to have them. The character includes Andy, Carlo, Sarah and Victor.

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