How To Change YouTube COPPA Settings

YouTube face a huge loss of #170M in acquisition for violating a law COPPA by FTC. COPPA is Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act issued by FTC in 1998- The law prohibits exchange of Children’s information(below 13 years) without parents permission.

YouTube’s this settlement resulted in change of applying COPPA i.e Users must set the audiences based on the content accurately .YouTube says “If users failed to set proper audiences on their channel an action will be taken on their YouTube channel and also charge a fine for violating the law by FTC”. Check the YouTube article here for more details:To designate audiences.

How to change the YouTube COPPA Settings :

  1. Open your Chrome Browser from your Desktop or Smartphone.
  2. Visit from your browser.
  3. Now select the desktop version (if you are using smartphone).
  4. Open your YouTube profile.
  5. Click Settings > Channel > Advance Settings and Checkbox your channel category.
Select 2nd Option If your video contains adult content and click save.

6. Select 2nd Option If your video contains adult content and click save.

Now you’ve designated your channel for adult. What to do about old videos on your channel ?

  1. Select videos from your Dashboard
  2. Check box All your videos if its for adult or you can arrange based on content
  3. Select the Edit option on Upper handle > Audiences > “YES” for kids and “NO” for Adults
  4. Once done click Update video on Right hand Upper corner of screen .
  5. Check Screenshots below for better understanding.
Select UPDATE VIDEOS and You’re done

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