How To Claim rewards in Free Fire using Redeem Codes

Free Fire is a multiplayer battle royale shooter game known for intense battle experience. The game is popular around the globe with an enormous player base. Moreover, Free Fire offers more than just a battle arena, you can obtain numerous items in games such as costumes, skins, legendary emotes etc. However, players need to use diamonds (Free Fire in-game currency)to get these items. But it is not always a good option.

Meanwhile, Redeem Codes come as the best way to obtain items in Free Fire for absolutely free. Players can use these codes to get their hands on some amazing items in-game. Redeem Codes are alphanumeric code often released on Free Fire’s official website or live stream.

In this article, we present how you can use Redeem Codes to claim rewards in Free Fire.

How To use Redeem Codes to Claim rewards in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has a specialized site called the “Rewards Redemption Site” where all players can use redeem codes to claim rewards.

Follow the steps below to obtain rewards using these codes:

1) First, visit the Rewards Redemption Site or use the link here.

2) Once you end up on the site, Log in using the same account you linked to Free Fire. Facebook, Google, VK, Twitter, Apple ID and Huawei ID are the available platforms you can use.

Note: players having a guest account on Free Fire cannot redeem Code. To get rewards using redeem code you have to link your accounts to any of the available aforementioned platforms.

3) When linked, enter the Redeem code in the required section and click on the “Confirm” option.

4) Once the process is complete, a CONGRATULATION dialog box pops on the screen. Click on the OK button to complete the process.

5) The obtained rewards will soon reflect in the mail section in Free Fire. usually, it takes up to 24 hours after the process.

Free Fire OB27 updates here.

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