How to Climb Water Tank in PUBG Mobile

Trick to Climb Water Tanks near houses in PUBG Mobile

Here’s the trick to climb water tanks nearby houses in PUBG mobile.So,you must have an idea about the location in above pic if you’re a regular pubg player.The above location is from an Erangel map ,If probably your second last circle or final circle is about to end here this trick may help you to spectate,get some kills and wipe out enemies in PUBG Mobile. View from tank exposes you to wide area around you & its useful if you spot an enemy earlier.

1 ) The very first thing you have to do is get inside the nearest house from water tank.


2 ) Walk towards the balcony and face sideways(as shown in pic below), make sure you are not facing front-out because we have to climb on rails.

3) Next thing you got to do is jump on the roof top of front house,How to do it? Sprint on rails facing towards the roof make sure you continuously tap JUMP button (while in mid-air too).Due to ledge grab update in PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 you can easily grab on to ledges which enables you to grab sides of rooftop and climb over it(see below image).

4)Once you are on rooftop walk to other end of roof and face towards the Water Tank.

5) Now you have to jump on roof of nearest house around water Tank,make sure you’re standing long enough to have a proper sprint.


6) Here we’re almost done with the trick, centered yourself on roof strip of house facing Water Tank (as in pic below).


7) Sprint towards the tank and jump tapping continuously the Jump-button mid-air to grab ledge of tank and here we are finally done .

Now you are ready to hit some shots and take down your opponents because of advantage due to elevation.

If you still got any doubts you can check the Video below:

Go try yourself and let us know also stay tuned for more such tricks.

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