How To Download & Play Minecraft Trial version FREE

Mojang’s decision to let players experience the open-world of Minecraft with a trial version is a great way to attract players. With the Minecraft trial version, you can get the flavor of the game before you pitch in for the full version.

Minecraft has been popular for decade, played by millions of players across the globe. It is an amazing idea to give players brief flavor of the game before they spend their money on it.

Even though Minecraft is a paid game, fortunately players on all the platforms including Windows 10, Android, and PlayStation can try it out for free. However, Minecraft trial version has some limitations – you can only enjoy the game free for 90 minutes. The least you can experience is the feel of the blocky world of Minecraft.

The Minecraft trial version has a time limit, and provides only a survival experience to players who are still undecided about buying the game.

Gamers should note that they won’t be able to access other game modes like a creative mode and spectator mode in the Minecraft trial version. It provides just a survival-only experience.

The 90 is long enough to get the quick taste of Minecraft world for free. Players should consider themselves lucky for experiencing the game for no cost.

Let us look at How you can Download & Play Minecraft Trial version for Free.

How to Download Minecraft Trial Version

All the players can play Minecraft trial version free on their Windows 10, Android, and PlayStation. Check how:


Open Google Play Store on your Android phone
Search for “Minecraft” in the Games section .
Click the “Try free demo” option and proceed to download the game
Now, Run the application and enjoy.

Windows 10

Go to Minecraft’s free trial web page. Click here.
Click on the Windows logo.
Tap on Free Trial.
Log in using your Microsoft Account.
Now download and install the .exe file on your PC. Enjoy.


Go to the Playstation Store.
Search for Minecraft Trial using the search bar.
Download the Minecraft Trial.
Once it is downloaded, run the game.

You can also prefer the YouTube video below:

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