How To Download & Play PUBG Mobile Chinese Version 1.4

Download Chinese PUBG Mobile 1.4 here !!!!!

Pubg Mobile is the top grossing multiplayer battle game in android ass well as iOS devices.Pubg Mobile has different versions of game with different languages depending on the region.

So,this article is about how to play the Chinese Pubg Mobile version 1.4 on your android devices.As many Pubg Mobile players want to play the Chinese version of this game. Now you must be wondering Why Chinese version? That’s because the major updates of Pubg Mobile first get released in Chinese version which could not be seen in other regions or languages of Pubg Mobile.

How to download and play in your android & iOS devices:

  1. Download the Pubg Mobile Chinese version 1.4 .
  2. You will be redirected to a page,download and install the recommended tap-tap.apk file.
  3. Once installed go back to the browser and click download icon based on your devices(android or iOS).
  4. First time you run PUBG Mobile 1.4 it will display log in options,use Wechat to login, for that make sure you have we chat app in your device installed with an account.Use your mobile number to create an account.
  5. Once done you’re ready to play.

In case you are not able to play PUBG Mobile Chinese version due to region block . VPN is the best option to bypass region block.Things to consider while using VPN:

  • Your VPN must include chinese servers.
  • The server you connect should have good ping so that you can enjoy your game.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile Chinese Version 1.4:

  • New revamp version of Erangel map 2.0 with dense forest,thick grass and mountain peaks with improved details.
  • We can use red dot and holo on Micro UZI.
  • New vehicles with fpp and tpp options while driving.
  • New weapon P-90 is included.
  • Smooth game-play with high graphics

I’ve covered all the steps to install and play PUBG Mobile 1.4 in your devices.Let me know in comment section if you have any doubts.

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